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2024 - Resolutions & milestones

Welcome to the new year! Wait.. It's almost April?!

Coming to you from Upstate New York, I can tell you our arenas are still covered in snow, and those without indoors are impatiently waiting to kick off the season's practices. I've tried to use this time to go through my equipment, make sure all my tack is still good and safe for the upcoming season, and sorting out my jerseys for the season this year.

But enough about me, what are YOU looking forward to? Finally using those new cut cones you got? Practicing with those new reins you got at World Equestrian Expo?? Excited to try that new skill in competition? Coming to ride in your first competition this spring?! We're so excited to have all the new connections we've gained over the winter season. We can't wait to show you why this sport is so awesome!

And in case you forgot, or you're new here and didn't know, 2024 is Mounted Games Across America's 20th Anniversary! This year more than ever, we want to celebrate being here! Stick around for the season to see how our 20th "birthday" unfolds.

Please take a peek at this years Board of Governors while you're here, under the "About MGAA" tab! If you ever have questions, concerns, or have this "really cool idea", reach out to one of us! We have routine meetings that we can easily discuss and decide on new ideas or concerns of our membership. We're constantly looking for new ways to get our members engaged! Already this year, we've started to develop committees such as social media and public outreach. Reach out to a BOG member if you're interested in helping out, or have a new committee idea!

I can't make any promises, but lets hope I stay on top of the website blog this year :)

Signing off for now..

Meg, Member at Large

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