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What the Covid?!

It's crazy to think how shut down the world was 3 years go! Our membership and our board of governors have been so focused on figuring out the new normal, we made it look like we've been doing nothing!! We're so excited to see what the 2023 season holds for us, but before we get there, lets do a quick reflect on the last few years!

2020; Well frankly, not much. All clinics and competitions were cancelled until further direction was given to us. There were a few select few small competitions and friendlies held towards the end of the year, but not without too many regulations, temperature readings, and nose swabs. Many members took this year to be healthy, spend time with loved ones, and dream about being back in the middle of New Jersey, racing our friends in the Bottle Shuttle race..

2021 - Return of the Series; after what seemed like eternity, our Mid-Atlantic Series had returned! We we're all happy to see each other, and excited to exchange our "well when I had COVID" stories with each over, face to face. We we're still focused on our health, and still prioritized wearing masks and keeping distance, but it had been the closest feeling of normalcy since the end of 2019. Attendance numbers were low, but the MGAA family still made it happen.

2022 - Is THIS normal??; We were so excited to finally be able to all see each other and get together.. only to have the first competition of our Mid Atlantic Series be "edited". After days of torrential downpour in State College, we were forced to either modify the competition or cancel completely. Naturally, many of us riders wanted to do just that; ride. So we made new teams of pairs and just enjoyed the weekend, despite the nasty weather! Thankfully, that was just a rough start, and the rest of the season flowed phenomenally. It's been great to see so many members returning to the field this 2022 season, and quite a few new faces as well! We're always so happy to see our community continue to grow, even after COVID!

2023 - TBD... but part of our crew has already gone through and inventoried our equipment trailer!

Hopefully this is the year we keep our website updated with all the awesome things our family's been up to..

Welcome, and WE'LL SEE YOU SOON

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